The basic operation of a vape


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Let's take a quick look at how to operate a vape. The details of the operation method vary depending on the model, but basically there are no major differences. First, turn on the power of the vape. The way to turn on the power varies depending on the model, such as pressing the button several times to turn on the power. Then, with the power on, hold down the button (called the puff button or fire button) and inhale the vapor. Press the button only when you inhale. Please note that holding the button down when not inhaling may cause the coil or other parts of the device to malfunction. Some models, such as COOLBLACK, do not have a power button and automatically produce vapor when you inhale. Turn off the power when you have finished smoking once, and turn it on again when you smoke again. Leaving the power on is dangerous because it can cause a malfunction in your bag or pocket.

As described above, vape can be easily enjoyed by anyone with three very simple operations.

What are the three ways to vape?

Some people enjoy vape smoking like a traditional cigarette, while others smoke in a way that is unique to vape. Here we will introduce three ways to smoke a vape, which are considered to be the basic vape smoking methods.

Inhaling by storing vapor in the mouth and then injecting it into the lungs

The first is the "mouth to lung (MTL)" method, which is the same as the traditional cigarette. This method stores vapor in the mouth and then injects it into the lungs. Because it is smoked at a low wattage, it prevents the body from overheating, and because only a small amount of liquid is required, it is also cost-effective. It can be said that this is the first smoking method recommended for those who have smoking experience.

This method is also characterized by the fact that the amount of vapor can be determined to your liking depending on how much you inhale, allowing you to experience the flavor of the liquid in the most deliberate way possible.

Inhaling vapor directly into the lungs

The second method is called "direct lung (DL)," in which you inhale vapor as if you were taking a deep breath. Many people may be familiar with this method of inhaling a large amount of vapor at once, which is known as "smoke bombing. It is so well known as a way to enjoy vaping that there are many people who enjoy vaping only for the smoke explosion.

However, it is also true that the consumption of liquid increases, which increases the burden in terms of cost. In addition, beginners who have just started smoking a vape should be very careful because the inlet, called the drip tip, becomes very hot. Even experienced smokers need to inhale and exhale slowly or they may choke.

How to inhale when puffing steam

Of course, you can also enjoy so-called "puffing" with a vape. When you want to puff vapor, use the method of holding the vapor in your mouth and exhaling it without putting it into your lungs. Since the vapor is not put into the lungs, the flavors and tastes of the liquid are not diluted by putting it into the lungs, and can be thoroughly tasted. Even those who are not accustomed to smoking can easily enjoy this method, so if you have no smoking experience or are unfamiliar with smoking, this smoking method is recommended.

Is there a secret technique, a way to smoke to enjoy vape more?

Some of the many types of vape have a variable voltage feature, which allows you to vary the watts (power) or volts (voltage). By adjusting the voltage and power, you can freely change the flavor of the liquid and the amount of vapor, so you can enjoy vaping more if you become accustomed to using it.

There are two types of variable voltage functions: VV (variable volts) and VW (variable watts). VV can be adjusted more finely, but those unfamiliar with it, such as beginners, may find VW, which automatically calculates resistance, easier to handle.

Some advanced users enjoy a trick technique called "vape tricks," in which they use the exhaled mist to create rings or tornadoes. When exhaling the mist, exhale slowly through the nose to enjoy the flavors of the liquid more.

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